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Receive the vouchers that match your personal lifestyle!


to the MAATARA world!

Where friends give exciting vouchers to one another. The advantage: you receive high-quality products and services that actually suit you perfectly. You and your friends will love MATAARA.

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Mataara overview

Who, how, when, where?
Here’s how MAATARA works.

Imagine you’re making an app or an in-app purchase. As thanks, you receive a voucher from the seller. You can give this to a friend. Surely you know someone who would love to have it.

Our clever app pools your vouchers on a single surface. It shows you which vouchers you can give away and which you have received and can therefore redeem. It shows you how you can exchange vouchers and how you can e-mail vouchers to your friends – or give them away to other MATAARA members.

What’s more, you can look forward to our welcome package, with its attractive advantages for the first seven days of your membership!


Who knows best
what you like?
Your friends.

Form a voucher “cluster” with your friends. Together you can find the best bargains. Recommend vouchers to one another, until you end up with those that suit you best. Here you’ll find tips to help you benefit together.

  • Increase your popularity!
    Become a MATAARA celebrity.

    Make a name for yourself in the MATAARA network of friends! Those who share lots of vouchers with their friends become very popular. All your voucher donations are registered and increase your popularity. This way you increase your own chances of receiving attractive and valuable vouchers that match your own taste.

    Reedem voucher
  • Among friends!
    Share your vouchers.

    Give your vouchers to MATAARA members – or just send them via e-mail to your friends. As soon as you send a voucher to a new contact, that person’s e-mail address will be registered in the app’s contact book. You want to send another voucher to the same person at a later date? No problem: MATAARA will automatically remember his/her address.

    Give away exchange
  • Good bargains for you!
    And lots of fun for your friends.

    Within the MATAARA app, you’ll find our partner companies, where you can shop and – as thanks – get vouchers for your friends. From the same companies, you can also easily redeem on MATAARA the vouchers you’ve received.

    Give away voucher
  • Best deals!
    Making exchanges – and friends.

    MATAARA gives you the opportunity to exchange vouchers within the community. A special feature for favorite contact people: let special MATAARA friends view your own vouchers, then see which vouchers you are offered in exchange.


Become a member
and profit from MATAARA

To become a member, you only have to download the MATAARA app and register yourself. You will find MATAARA in the app store. After the download is completed, we’ll take you through the account application – then you’re ready to go!

Soon you can download the MATAARA app and create your account.

World of Vouchers

With MATAARA’s Community Selection mechanism, your voucher campaigns suddenly make sense. MATAARA friends know just the person who’d be interested in receiving your discount offer and will pass your voucher on to this perfect recipient. It’s hard to imagine a better way to hit the right target group.

Retailers and companies take notice! more

integrate Mataara

Integrating MATAARA is easily done and has lots of advantages.

Offer your customers MATAARA’s clever voucher system. If you want to reach your ideal target groups and make your customers happy over the long term, MATAARA is the perfect medium for you. For we’ve found an intelligent way of transporting the ever-more-important topic of “target-group accessibility” into the world of apps.


With MATAARA, vouchers automatically find their way to the right recipients.

The MATAARA community organizes itself like a swarm. For friends know first and foremost what their friends like. Recipients exchange or give away vouchers until they reach the right address. A special advantage: vouchers that were recommended by a personal contact seem more credible and attractive.

find vouchers

Create your own vouchers now!
Targeted to a specific group.

Immediately expand your print, online and social campaigns by a whole dimension – the app dimension! With specially tailored app campaigns, you reach precisely defined target groups. The MATAARA technology offers you a multitude of possibilities to create campaign-matched vouchers and to disseminate them virally:

  1. By QR code scan (as an individual code or mass code)
  2. Through a plug-in: especially exciting for online shops! After the purchase, MATAARA asks your buyer for his/her MATAARA user name. Then you can have a voucher sent to him/her.
  3. With an API: Send vouchers to the users who have shared their e-mail address with you in a previous prize competition.
  4. Via App2App: Give your target group a voucher, e.g., for the purchase of a life in an online game, which can then be sent on to friends.
  5. Or order vouchers directly from us.

Profit from maximum transparency!
MATAARA offers promotion partners performance controls.

Are you an online retailer, an app or game developer or a seller of brand-name products? Perfect! After logging in, make optimal use of MATAARA by putting in new vouchers yourself and then administering them. You can evaluate the success of individual voucher actions directly in the app.

Are you interested in using MATAARA? If so, contact us personally!

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